Walking with Elephants

Have you ever wandered through the desert in the middle of winter? It’s quite a remarkable experience. Wandering through massive sandstone walls and exploring rather otherworldly terrain is even more special when covered in snow. This time, the trip was all for one specific arch located deep in the backcountry of Canyonlands National Park. WeContinue reading “Walking with Elephants”

How to travel in 2021

How many of you had travel plans that got cancelled in 2020? Right as I was about to purchase a ticket to Norway, the whole world shut down. I was really bummed but did my part and hunkered down with everyone else for a couple months. After a while, cabin fever set in and IContinue reading “How to travel in 2021”

Into the Desert x Coalatree

I’m not sure what it is but the desert speaks to me. It has this energy that I am oddly attracted towards. I find myself going out here all too often. This time, the trip was filled with some odd experiences that were hard to describe and gave more meaning to the slogan “The LandContinue reading “Into the Desert x Coalatree”

Journey to Valhalla

Have you ever traveled somewhere local and it transported you to a completely different world? That’s exactly how it felt on our journey to the Rio Grande National Forest. We headed out on a short trip to some of the lesser known parts of Colorado. It was about a 4.5 hour drive to get there.Continue reading “Journey to Valhalla”

Crested Butte + HDR Photo Tips

Independence day. The perfect weekend to get away and go spend some time in the great outdoors. Right? Well, unfortunately for us, everyone else thought the same thing. This time we headed to the Wildflower Capital of the world or the universe or whatever; Crested Butte. Planned this trip kind of last minute. I wasContinue reading “Crested Butte + HDR Photo Tips”